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Eliot Sumner

In 2010, Eliot Sumner released her debut album The Constant under I Blame Coco, a childhood nickname. Now, after four years of writing, touring and good old-fashioned growing up, she’s back – and this time, she’s casting off the fake band name for good. “It’s now or never,” she says. “I’m proud of the music I’m making and it’s time to take ownership by putting my real name on it.”

Information, which leads the EP of the same name, is a six-minute synth-and-strings song that plays out with a long, confident instrumental passage. It was produced by Duncan Mills, who has worked with The Vaccines, Spector and Crocodiles, and recorded at the Strongrooms studios in London.

Eliot’s brand new EP Information is coming from a renewed sense of focus and clarity. While its three tracks still bear the electro-pop hallmarks of I Blame Coco’s output, there are some more surprising influences on there too, from her favourite band as a teenager, the Bad Seeds, to even more obscure sounds. “This record is a lot more organic. There’s loads of energy. I’ve been listening to loads of Krautrock which has influenced a lot of it. I think it sounds kind of fresh but also quite familiar. It’s the kind of music that I would probably listen to, which is good.”

Armed with new songs and new energy, it’s obvious that since 2010, Eliot Sumner has learned how to be a star. “I feel like I’m starting a new chapter, life-wise and musically,” she says. And though she may be singing about heartbreak, 2014 is looking good. “I’m in a really happy place.”

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