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Mont Jake

A very modern triple-threat, Jake started writing, recording and producing all his own music from the confines of his bedroom. Following the Shadow EP, Jake released the profound ‘Pearly Cloud’, premiered by MistaJam on BBC Radio 1 and Pigeons and Planes. ‘Pearly Cloud’ features Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar’s go to dancehall veteran Assassin, and 16-year-old London vocalist Bryn The First’s debut, making clear Jake’s intent for collaboration and his ability to absorb diverse music cultures, piecing contrasting vocals together and bringing them into his world. Jake mashes the old with the new, 90s R&B with 70s classic soul, carrying velvet vocal tones and fresh melodic highs.

Standing at 6ft 2, camo dungarees, walking through the streets of Brixton, bumping into a friend, transported to Ridley Road Market Bar in Dalston, then opening a door onto Tokyo, sets the scene for Mont Jake’s latest video to the huge track ‘Daydreaming’. A triumphant sonic leap forward, Mont Jake decided to collaborate with his immediate community to create the video, documenting contrasting cities and the people he’s met on the way. The video is a partnership between his manager and his manager’s two brothers, who produced, directed and edited, “They rarely work together on projects like this. They are a very talented family. We had meetings on Skype and discussed wanting to cut between two cities and for the change to be radical. We wanted to show the biggest cultural difference. Japan is like the moon.”

In Japan Jake met a guy in a shop, who became one of the characters in the video, “I was in a clothing store and saw some recording equipment in the back and thought, who’s that making music? He showed me his music and I played him some of mine and I asked him to be in the video.” Jake then took to Instagram and searched for perfect strangers to shoot, connecting on a level most avoid – becoming great friends with the deep web of Instagram profiles and inviting them on his journey.

Now with a growing group of collaborators sprawling from Dalston to Tokyo, Mont Jake has become the Pied Piper of a new collective. His refined talent, careful charm and quietly cool demeanour mean the people he meets stick with him. His drive to indulge in other cultures and translate them through his music, “I give all of myself in my music”, already has millennials from across the world taking note.

Mont Jake’s intuition from cultures to emotion are heightened in the huge ‘Daydreaming’, moving rapidly through heroic Hip Hop rhythms, grandiose trumpets and giddy euphoria with simple but affirming lyrics “I think I’m lost in your daydream, why won’t you smile.” If Mont Jake’s journey and network is just beginning now, you can only hope you’ll be one of the lucky ones with a USB in hand, following him across the globe.

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