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Rizzle Kicks

Once in a generation, a pop band emerges who are simply better than the rest. For the Millennium Generation, it’s Rizzle Kicks: not only unique, irresistible and funny (as we already know) but smarter than the rest.

Two years on from their jazzily-dazzling hip-pop debut Stereo Typical (top 5 album in the UK with three world-class top 10 singles Down With the Trumpets, When I Was A Youngster, Mama Do The Hump) and their second, Roaring ‘20s, is no less than a generational milestone. Still infused with their trademark sounds – old-school hip-hop, jazz-swing jubilance, ska-pop trumpets and the bantering wit of a whip-smart MC duo (now with added depth, power and sophistication) – the pair are now homing inwards, with a state-of-the-nation commentary on what it means to be 21.

In 2013. Roaring ‘20s does what proper art does, reflects the times, a forensic examination of an often beleaguered generation, too easily written-off, the one which grew up in the cultural shallows of instant fame, Reality TV chancers and the self-absorption of the technology which defines it. Then there’s money (lack of it), employment (lack of it) and the perennial, awkward trials of sex, love and relationships. With jokes.And supporting-role performances from Jamie Cullum’s twinkling jazz piano,

Roaring 20s Stereo Typical

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