Island Records

Tom Prior

With the zeal and tenacity to engage audiences from a variety of backgrounds, Tom Prior’s journey started back in 2005 where he decided to start making music in his makeshift studio shed. He later released two mixtapes; ‘Take Note’ Vol.1 in 2007, followed by Vol.2 in 2008, selling over 3,000 copies. March 2010 saw Tom set up creative collective ‘Clockwork’ to give back to the community in his area; their policy to help young musicians create careers within the industry.

To his newest project, showcasing Tom’s impressive songwriting talent and unique ability to create addictive melodies and hooks whilst drawing you deeper in with his compelling storytelling, ‘The Sunday Scene EP’ is a collection of four heartfelt tracks which will remind everyone that not only is Tom ‘one to watch’ but he is here to stay.  The EP follows the release of his popular tracks ‘Looks Like Rain’ – which amassed over 60,000 streams in less than two weeks – and ‘Don’t Worry’; a touching ode to his daughter.

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