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  1. My Friend John 
  2. A Heady Tale 
  3. Shameless 
  4. Look Out Sunshine 
  5. Stragglers Moon 
  6. Mistress Mabel 
  7. Jesus Stole My Baby 
  8. Baby Doll 
  9. Tell Me A Lie 
  10. Acid Jazz Singer 
  11. Lupe Brown 
  12. Milk & Money 

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The Fratellis

Here We Stand (Album)

Released 09.06.08

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About this album

Following on the back of their million selling debut 'Costello Music', The Fratellis, are wasting no time dropping their explosive comeback album 'Here We Stand'.

The album includes current single, the storming 'Mistress Mabel', already Zane Lowe's single of the week and Jo Whiley's pet sound. Other album highlights include The Who Inspired 'A Heady Tale' a completely schizophrenic opus, recalling the theatrical urgency of 'Pinball Wizard'. The glam rock ballroom waltz of 'Acid Jazz Singer', the thunderous assault of 'Tell Me A Lie' and 'Shameless', the epic merserybeat swagger of album opener 'My Friend John' and the heartfelt sonnet 'Baby doll'. The self produced album, is bigger, bolder but retains the Fratellis trademark stamp. It's a great evolution in the career of one of the most overlooked yet loved bands in Britain today.

"If Scotland had produced The Who, we would have been called The Fratellis" - Roger Daltrey, April 2008

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