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  1. Solid Air 
  2. Over The Hill 
  3. Dont Want To Know 
  4. Id Rather Be The Devil 
  5. Go Down Easy 
  6. Dreams By The Sea 
  7. May You Never 
  8. Man In The Station 
  9. Easy Blues 

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John Martyn

Solid Air (Album)

Released 14.09.06

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About this album

If you have never heard John Martyn's seminal 'Solid Air' then buying it will be one of the best decisions of your life. This really is the stuff that dreams are made of!

The albums opener and title track is a dreamlike ode to Martyn's friend Nick Drake and is truly touching to hear. The song also shows the jazz fused folk that Martyn became known for, but this album is so much more than that. Throughout, 'Solid Air' masterful guitar playing is equally matched by superb lyrics. There really isn't anything wasted here as the quality control is up to the ceiling. If pushed you would have to say the stand out tracks where 'Go Down Easy', 'Rather be the Devil' (both versions)and the truly beautiful 'I Don't Wanna Know' with its almost childlike refrain of “I don't wanna know about evil only wanna know about love”, who could argue with that?

Martyn's influence can be seen on the likes of Ray Lamontagne, Damien Rice, Jeff Buckley and just about anyone who has played an acoustic guitar since 'Solid Air' was released. Martyn is one of those people that whilst not a household name, changed the world of guitar playing forever. 'Solid Air' is his most coherent body of work and showcases the reason why he is so revered among his peers.


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