Album cover


  1. Pristeen 
  2. Double Vegetation 
  3. East Easy Rider 
  4. Promised Land 
  5. Hanging Out And Hung Up On The Line 
  6. Safesurfer 
  7. If You Loved Me At All 
  8. Drive, She Said 
  9. Soldier Blue 
  10. You... 
  11. Not Raving But Drowning 
  12. Head 
  13. Leperskin 
  14. Beautiful Love 
  15. Western Front 1992 C.E. 
  16. Hung Up And Hanging Out To Dry 
  17. The American Lite 
  18. Las Vegas Basement 

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Julian Cope

Peggy Suicide (Album)

Released 11.10.06

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About this album
PEGGY SUICIDE is either Julian Cope's fifth or seventh album, depending on how you count. After his fourth, MY NATION UNDERGROUND, he recorded two records, SKELLINGTON and DROOLIAN, that were intended mostly for release to his fan club--both are strange, drug-soaked sonic experiments that veer fromfolksy campfire songs to feedback freak-outs. PEGGY SUICIDEsees Cope reigning himself back in after those "excesses" and, though he delivers one of the most anti-commercial commercial records in the Island Records catalogue, it was also his most cohesive solo album up until that point.
Structured into four "phases", the album is a loosely connected concept album about the human-engineered and accelerated decay of the mythic Mother Earth figure. The tracks address this concept from, for the most part, a strictly personal, rather than global, perspective. Standouts include "Safesurfer", a freaky AIDS narrative with a not insignificant Krautrock influence; "Drive, She Said", a singalong about automobile pollution; "Youa", a short, charged rant against insincerity witha wicked, fuzzed-out bass line and snaky sax solo; and the staggering "Beautiful Love", a pristine reflection on just how "in love" one can be--if you hear only one Julian Cope song, it ought to be this one.
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