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  1. Times Like These 
  2. The Horizon Has Been Defeated 
  3. Traffic In The Sky 
  4. Taylor 
  5. Gone 
  6. Cupid 
  7. Wasting Time 
  8. Holes To Heaven 
  9. Dreams Be Dreams 
  10. Tomorrow Morning 
  11. Fall Line 
  12. Cookie Jar 
  13. Rodeo Clowns 
  14. Cocoon 
  15. Mediocre Bad Guys 
  16. Symbol In My Driveway 

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Jack Johnson

On and On (Album)

Released 05.05.03

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About this album
Jack Johnson has found himself a groove. Indeed, the Hawaiian surfing champion turned alternative pop-folk star really hasn't changed things one iota for his sophomore release. Fans of Brushfire Fairytales should be delighted with the results. The groove is a mellow one--most of the 16 tracks here are semi-acoustic--and that easy-going spirit filters into Johnson's lyrical philosophies. "What will be will be / And so it goes" he sings on "Times Like These," the opening track. Thankfully, Johnson is never too mellow, and there's a "Don't worry, be happy" vibe to most of his music. "The Horizon Has Been Defeated" even has a pseudo-reggae feel to it. Although classified as an alternative musician, the singer-songwriter's compositions owe much to past hits. "Traffic in the Sky" is reminiscent of Jim Croce's "Operator" and Looking Glass's one-hit-wonder, "Brandy." On the splendid "Taylor," Johnson sounds an awful lot like Donovan. And "By The Way" recalls the Lovin' Spoonful.
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