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  1. Planet Claire 
  2. 52 Girl 
  3. Dance This Mess Around 
  4. Rock Lobster 
  5. Lava 
  6. Theres A Moon In The Sky (Called The Moon) 
  7. Hero Worship 
  8. 6060-842 
  9. Downtown 

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The B-52's

The B-52s (Album)

Released 08.08.79

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About this album
This record shook up the snoozing world of rock in 1979, becoming a truly classic disc, one full of landmark moments and heavy with possibilities. Most "real" rockers in the late '70s tried hard to ignore the Sex Pistols and the Clash, claiming the punk tumult was a merely a fad; but fun-loving types couldn't resist the magnificent hooks and grooves of the B-52's debut. They fell into the "new wave" while dancing their tushes off. The magnificent "Rock Lobster" remains unmatched in terms of its relentless, spastic power to move one's feet; ditto "52 Girls," with its nod to '60s trash rock. A Cramps-ish guitar grinds through "Lava," which features his-and-hers innuendo-laden lyrics. "I'm not no limburger!" goes one line from "Dance This Mess Around," but you just never question why. Brilliant. -Lorry Fleming
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