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  1. Belle/Banana Pancakes 
  2. If I Had Eyes 
  3. Do You Remember/Remember 
  4. Sleep Through The Static 
  5. Flake ft. Lebo 
  6. Bubble Toes/Express Yourself 
  7. Wasting Time 
  8. What You Thought You Need 
  9. Country Road ft. Paula Fuga 
  10. Staple It Together 
  11. Sitting, Waiting, Wishing 
  12. Constellations ft. Eddie Vedder 
  13. The Horizons Have Been Defeated/Good People 
  14. All At Once 
  15. Gone 
  16. Home 
  17. Times Like These 
  18. Angel/Better Together 

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Jack Johnson

En Concert (Album)

Released 26.10.09

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About this album


Jack Johnson’s new film and live album ‘En Concert’ will be released in the UK on October 26, 2009.  The release of this live collection of Jack’s biggest songs will be available in a number of different formats including CD, DVD, Blu-Ray, Online, and in a special deluxe package that includes the CD, DVD, and a 60 page booklet. 


The 2008 ‘Sleep Through The Static’ world tour, which included UK dates and a big show in London’s Hyde Park, had many special moments. The CD represents some of the finest; from sharing the stage at the Bonnaroo festival with Eddie Vedder, to leading a massive singalong at Bercy in Paris, to wowing a festival crowd at Outside Lands in San Francisco, to stepping onto the stage alone to close the show at Denver’s Red Rocks.  ‘En Europe’ includes long time crowd favourites from Jack’s catalogue interwoven with passages from some of his favourite songs by other artists.


The film meanwhile focuses on the European tour of 2008 when Jack Johnson played everywhere from historical venues to classic outdoor stages, making it the biggest tour of his career. It is a collection of live performances with Jack and his band - Adam Topol, Merlo Podlewski and Zach Gill; along with special appearances by G. Love, Ben Harper, Mason Jennings, Neil Halstead and Matt Costa.


Through weathering the stormy nights in Newquay to surfing on a river in Germany, to playing the packed house in London’s Hyde Park, the film takes you on a trip and captures the connection between an audience and an artist on an international stage.


Jack’s good friend and the film director Emmett Malloy says, “Jack really does not like to be on the other side of the lens. Getting a shot of him is kind of similar to getting a shot of the Loch Ness Monster; it’s a rare occurrence. Surprisingly, he let our cameras join him on this tour. I just knew that I better keep a guitar or surfboard in his hands because with either of those weapons he seemed to never know we were there.”


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