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  1. You and Your Heart 
  2. No Good With Faces 
  3. At or With Me 
  4. When I Look Up 
  5. From The Clouds 
  6. Turn Your Love 
  7. The Upsetter 
  8. To The Sea 
  9. My Little Girl 
  10. Red Wine, Mistakes, Mythology 
  11. Pictures of People Taking Pictures 
  12. Anything But The Truth 
  13. Only The Ocean 

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Jack Johnson

To the Sea (Album)

Released 31.05.10

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About this album
Jack Johnson makes a hot return this summer with the follow-up to his previous two UK No.1 albums and his fifth studio LP ‘To The Sea’, released May 31st on Island Records.   He releases the album’s beautiful lead single ‘You and Your Heart, April 5th and heads out on a mammoth world tour, which features four eagerly anticipated UK dates in June.   The 18 million album-selling artist’s new record was recorded at the Mango Tree Studio in his native Hawaii and the Solar Powered Plastic Plant using 100% solar power. The 12-track record was written by Jack Johnson and produced by Jack with three-time Grammy winning producer Robert Carranza.   “I can’t tell you anything but the truth.” sings Jack Johnson in his beautiful new studio album, To The Sea, defining the ethos of a man born and raised in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.   You could say it was his late father’s solo sail from California to Hawaii that opened his son’s future fate and underpinned it with a personal mythology, but it was Jack’s ability to learn his own lessons from life and the sea that birthed his astonishing alchemy of music and poetry.   ‘To The Sea’ effortlessly wins you over. Its music is uplifting and contagious and Johnson’s lyrics are stamped with a brooding universality on what is his deepest and most personal collection of songs to date.   Standout moments include ‘To The Sea’s’ album opener and lead single ‘You and Your Heart’, the lilting melodies on ‘Red Wine, Mistakes, Mythology’ and the bouncy aloha feel of the album’s self-titled track ‘To The Sea’.   Jack Johnson who heads out his seismic world tour in June will be donating 100% of his tour profits to support the environment, art and music education as well as offsetting the majority of his carbon emissions.
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