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  1. Changing Man 
  2. Porcelein Gods 
  3. Walk On Gilded Splinters 
  4. You Do Something To Me 
  5. Woodcutter's Son 
  6. Time Passes 
  7. Stanley Road 
  8. Broken Stones 
  9. Out Of The Sinking 
  10. Pink On White Walls 
  11. Whirlpool's End 
  12. Wings Of Speed 

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Paul Weller

Stanley Road (Album)

Released 15.05.95

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About this album
Named after a street in Weller's home-town of Woking in Surrey, this album was greeted with universal approval by critics and fans. The brilliant Peter Blake collage throughout the package portrays much greater nostalgia than is contained in the lyrics. The family snapshots and the Green Line picture serve only to fool the listener. The title track is clearly about the terraced houses that have now given way to 90s starter apartments, but the more personal content of tracks such as 'You Do Something To Me' is where Weller truly bares his soul. It would strongly appear that before recording this album, Weller listened to many Traffic albums.
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