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Not many British bands these days have more than one big-selling album, let alone five. Fewer still manage to replicate – and maintain – that success outside the UK. And only a tiny number are able to continually develop their sound as their career progresses. But, in the last decade, Keane have achieved all of those things and a whole lot more.

After selling over 11 million copies of their five consecutive Number One records, with their four award winning albums and their 8 track EP ‘Night Train’, it is no exaggeration to say that Keane are firmly established as one of the world’s most successful, innovative and cherished bands.

When Keane first got together all those years ago, three of the bands they most admired were the Beatles, Radiohead and Blur. What made all of those acts special was that although nobody could ever predict what they’d do next, you knew it would be worth hearing. Over the release of their five albums that’s an exclusive club to which Keane have surely now gained membership.

Retrospective EP1: Everybody’s Changing Under The Iron Sea Perfect Symmetry Hopes And Fears UK AOL Session The Best Of Keane Retrospective EP2: Sunshine Strangeland Night Train EP

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