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Mondo Cozmo

Mondo Cozmo was born out of Joshua Ostrander’s desire to follow his own singular creative path. He toiled for years in a buzzing local Los Angeles band, before tiring of hearing his songs and ideas watered down and never fully realized after being continually subject to the other band member’s opinions. In 2014, Ostrander was watching Jack White play on the main stage at Coachella when his girlfriend leaned over and said “Do you think Jack White gives a fuck what his bass player thinks about his songs?” He broke the band up the next day. For the next year and a half he woke up at 5am every day to write his debut record – those songs are what became Mondo Cozmo.

Mondo Cozmo has the attitude of the Manchester bands of the 90s… working class, honest, inspirational, cautiously hopeful, and socially observational. It is a bold statement demanding attention; they are Coachella headliners the crowd is singing with while the sun is setting. They are a scene-changing alternative band with the ability to cross over.

Stream the video for Mondo Cozmo’s ‘Higher’ below.

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