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Black Lives Matter

Island Records has always been deeply rooted in black culture. Without the incredible artists and the beautiful culture that has enriched all our lives, none of us would be here today. The horrific killing of George Floyd stopped us in our tracks and forced us to address the complex issue of racism. It forced us to question what we thought we knew and understood, and to acknowledge our responsibilities, not only as a music company but also as individuals. After much self-education – reading, watching documentaries, difficult conversations – and honest, often painful, reflection, we realise we need to become much more aware.  To properly understand and address the inequality which prevails in our society, and in our industry, and to create a new way of working in order to effect real change, we are committed to continue to work for real social change. We are determined to make our label, our industry, and our world a better, more equal and more just place, determined to ensure Island is a place where even greater understanding and commitment to inclusivity and diversity remains at the very heart of what we do. 

One Love